The Lost Tales!

Two interwoven stories of Babylon 5. The overall name for
it is Voices In The Dark!

Part One: Over Here:

This one is about the haunting of B5! Lochley calls on a
priest to do an exorcism! There's obviously a lot more going
on that that! This first tale, to me, was a little boring!
But that's just because I don't care for heavily religious
tales, and that's what this basically is!

Part Two: Over There:

A much more engrosing tale about John Sheridan heading to
Babylon 5 for the 10 year anniversary of the Intersteller
Alliance! Galen has tasked him to change coming history
by killing a Centauri that is to be going with him to
the celebration.

A decent enough movie to sit through, maybe once every
5-10 years!

A list of the cast

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