CRUSADE (2267)

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War Zone

The set-up for the series, Capt. Matthew Gideon gathers a crew together to find a cure for the plague that the Drakh left behind on Earth. They've got five years to get it done. (Unfortunately they only got one!) (6/9/99)
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The Long Road

The crew tries to help a planet that's threatened with eco-disaster from strip mining of an anti-viral agent. (6/16/99)
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The Well Of Forever

A Technomage spearheads a risky expedition to a hyperspace realm. (6/23/99)
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The Path Of Sorrows

The crew researches a planet where an alien has emotional curative powers. (6/30/99)
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Patterns Of The Soul

The crew investigates Theta 49 where the Drakh plague also exsists. (7/7/99)
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Ruling From The Tomb

The Omega doomsday cult is trying to expedite the judgment day of the plague on Earth. (7/14/99)
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The Rules Of The Game

Capt. Gideon goes to Babylon 5 to negotiate landing rights to a planet that may hold medical secrets useful to Earth. (7/21/99)
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Appearances And Other Deceits

Puplic Relations reps from Earth come aboard the Excalibur, along with a Malevolent entity! (7/28/99)
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Racing The Night

An ominous secret is uncovered when the Excalibur crew researches a civilization dead for 1000 years. (8/04/99)
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The Memory Of War

The Excalibur crew research a virus-devastated planet for help with the Earth's plight. (8/11/99)
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The Needs of Earth

Gideon and Dureena Nafeel help a prisoner who has stolen data crystals from an alien culture. (8/18/99)
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Visitors From Down The Street

An X-Files parody. (8/25/99)
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Each Night I Dream Of Home

The finale, Dr. Franklin(Richard Biggs) from Babylon 5 comes aboard the Excalibur to help with the cure for the plague. (9/09/99)
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