Eight movies by one of the kings of action, Steven Seagal!! These are
surprisingly in good visual shape, and believe it or not they have closed
captioning, which is a good thing cause Seagal just doesn't know how to
speak so you can hear him!!


This is actually pretty good! Gruesome, but good!! Not a lot of hand to
hand combat, but a whole lot of gunfire!! But really, this is an espionage
movie, and as such is pretty long winded, but intriguing!! The ending, tho.
leaves a little to be desire!! Still, not bad Steve!!

Just as an FYI, there's a very short shot of semi-nudity, with a young lady
with her back to the camera without anything on!! B

A review from

Being a hardcore fan of Steven Seagal, I watched 'The
Foreigner'. Though I see much hate for this film, I didn't
find myself bored or disappointed. Its a decent one-time

'The Foreigner' tells the story of a freelance agent, who is
the courier of a package from France to Germany. He soon
finds that many people want to get their hands on it.

'The Foreigner' begins superbly & the first-hour, overall, is
classy. The second-hour does get problematic, but the climax
as well as the action-sequences, are effective. The Screenplay
by Darren O. Campbell has merit, but a neater second-hour
was much needed. Michael Oblowitz's Direction is fair.
Cinematography captures the stunning locales of Poland,
aptly. Editing is alright.

Performance-Wise: Seagal is truly unbeatable in his own way.
He scores & excels, yet again! Max Ryan does a fine job. Jeffrey
Pierce & Harry Van Gorkum are okay. Anna-Louise Plowman is

On the whole, 'The Foreigner' has some striking
moments. - nama chakravorty

Cast of The Foreigner:

Steven Seagal ... Jonathan Cold
Max Ryan ... Dunoir
Harry Van Gorkum ... Jerome Van Aken
Jeffrey Pierce ... Sean Cold
Anna-Louise Plowman ... Meredith Van Aken
Sherman Augustus ... Mr. Mimms
Gary Raymond ... Jared Olyphant
Philip Dunbar ... Alexander Marquee
Izabela Okrasa ... Clarissa Van Aken
Grzegorz Kowalczyk ... Rolls Royce Driver
Dianna Camacho ... Hotel Clerk Imke
Deobia Oparei ... The Stranger
Grzegorz Emanuel ... Jonathan Look Alike
Przemyslaw Saleta ... Security Guard
Jan Jurewicz ... Man with Porsche
Victoria Smirnova ... Claret
John Edmondson ... Young Man at Railway Station
Grzegorz Mostowicz-Gerszt ... Assailant (as Grzegorz Mostowicz)
Lech Dyblik ... Brian
Mariusz Zalejski ... Man at French Farm #1
Marek Sledziewski ... Man at French Farm #2
Tommy Tomaszewski ... Suit #1 (as Tomasz Tomaszewski)
Janusz Blaszczyk ... Suit #2
Wenanty Nosul ... Polish Steward
Ireneusz Koziol ... The Russian
Teresa Szmigielówna ... Old French Woman (as Teresa Szmisielowna)
Andrzej Pankowski ... Stefan Stockwell
Miroslaw Zbrojewicz ... Scarface (as Mirek Zbrojewicz)
Tziporah Malkah ... CIA Agent #1 (as Katie Fischer)
Jacek Samojlowicz ... Assailant in Camel Coat
Ryszard Kluge ... Forensic Officiel
Oliver Stollorcz ... CIA Agent #2
Andrzej Mrozinski ... CIA Agent #3
Helena Sztyber ... Young Maid
Tomasz Krzemieniecki ... Van Aken Guard
John P. Gulino ... Hotel Manager (as John Gulino)
Lukasz Jakobiak ... Waiter in Paris Brasserie


This one has Steven as an ex-thief turned archaeologist turned mercenary!
While on a dig in China, he finds out that the people running it are also
running drugs out with the artifacts that they find! This ends up getting his
partner killed and him thrown in a Chinese jail! One thing leads to another
and the DEA get him out of jail, only for him to be pursued by the people
in charge of the drug running business!! Another person close to him gets
killed, and he goes out on an all out manhunt for the man in charge!! Again,
a much better film than I expected, although a couple of the Chinese lord's
acting was less than superb!!!

Again here, a little topless nudity! B+

A review from

It is good to see Seagal at work. No matter what his debt
to the mob he still is fun to watch. I like movies without too
much tension, where I know the good guy wins. So for my
simple tastes the movie was fun.

Years ago, I thought Seagal had the fastest hands in martial
arts movies. Unfortunately, he has not received the recognition
that other martial arts stars have.

Many times a star is the same personality in all his or her movies.
Such as John Wayne or Chackie Chan. It just becomes a matter
of what stars you can identify with. When Arnold says, " I'll be back!"
You have to be glad he is coming back. - pjplives-1

Cast of Out For A Kill:

Steven Seagal ... Prof. Robert Burns
Michelle Goh ... Tommie Ling
Corey Johnson ... Ed Grey
Tom Wu ... Li Bo
Ozzie Yue ... Fang Lee, 'The Barber'
Bruce Wang ... Tang Zhili, 'The Bird'
Chike Chan ... Mr. Chang
Hon Ping Tang ... Sai Lo
Dave Wong ... Yin Quinshi
Chooye Bay ... Wong Dai (as Chooi Kheng Beh)
Elaine Tan ... Luo Yi
Michael J. Reynolds ... Dean
Kata Dobo ... Maya Burns (as Kata Dobo)
Vincent Wong ... Luo Dazhong
Ray Charleson ... Harry 'Crash' Kupper
MC Harvey ... King (as Michael Junior Harvey)
Edward Cox ... D.E.A. Agent
Kim-Fai Che ... First Monk
Li Hou Kai ... Second Monk
Zhang Wei Guo ... Third Monk
Mashbat Uchroel ... Young Boy
Gyo Shao Heng ... Monkey Barber
Sang Lui ... Mahjong Parlor Thug #1
David Tan ... Mahjong Parlor Thug #2
Ganbator ... Mr. Tan
Giselle Tcherniak ... Tattoo Artist #1 (as Giselle Cherniak)
Eloise Lovell Anderson ... Tattoo Artist #2 (as Eloise Anderson)
Jia Ji Yu ... Tattoo Master
Raicho Vasilev ... Bulgarian Thug
Chris Pavlo ... Lt. Luc Breton
Stephen Chang ... Mr. Chang (uncredited)
Gizelle D'Cole ... Tatoo artist Dianna (uncredited)
DTeflon ... DEA Agent (uncredited)
Anelia Nikolova ... Woman in the Chinese Casino (uncredited)
Shero Rauf ... Prisoner (uncredited)
Vladimir Vladimirov ... Man in a restaurant (uncredited)


This could have been horribly depressing and disturbing, but instead
the subject of child trafficking was handled with considerable restraint!
Seagal plays a forest ranger who has been a pen pal with a young girl
in Hungary who's at an orphanage that, when kids turn 14, they have
to leave the school and do something else! Turns out the something
else is to fall prey to child trafficking!! The letters from the girl stop
and Seagal heads out to find out why!!

This may be the best movie Steven has done!!! A

A review from an customer:

I've seen this in Asia, and the title was "Ichigeki" (One Blow).
It's an unusual story about a nature conservationist, and a
Polish orphan girl.

I differ on my opinion about this movie from others, and I think
it's one of the best movie Steven Segal starred in. First I like the
smooth pace this movie moves along. And I like the way each
scene is shot. So I have to give lot of credit to the director Po-Chih

The antagonists don't look like complete idiots like most Steven
Segal movies. And the scenes, the characters, and the story all
blends naturally.

I also liked Ida Nowakowska's performance. She's the first girl
I've seen that looks like has intelligence in this type of movie.

The movie I think showed completely different side of Steven
Segal, that doesn't make him look phony like characters he plays
in his other movies (well, maybe a little bit, but not as much as
other movies he's in).

All of the above makes this the most realistic movie I've seen
performed by Steven Segal, and for that, this movie is highly
recommended for viewing. - ebiros2

Cast of Out Of Reach:

Steven Seagal ... William Lansing
Ida Nowakowska ... Irena Morawska
Agnieszka Wagner ... Kasia Lato
Matt Schulze ... Faisal
Krzysztof Pieczynski ... Ibo
Robbie Gee ... Lewis Morton
Murat Yilmaz ... Azimi
Nick Brimble ... Mister Elgin
Jan Plazalski ... Nikki
Shawn Lawrence ... Agent Shepherd
Hanna Dunowska ... Rosie
Frank Hildebrandt ... Postmaster (as Frank Hildebrand)
Klaudia Jakacka ... Petra
Jan Janga-Tomaszewski ... Uncle Pawel
Maria Maj ... Mrs. Donata
Katarzyna Loska ... UNA Clerk
Jacek Samojlowicz ... Polish Customs
Bogdan Szczesiak ... Russian Consul (as Bogdan Szczesniak)
Pawel Szczesny ... Wladek Machowski
Katarzyna Walter ... Madame Konya
Anna Wendzikowska ... Soraya
Witold Wielinski ... Weiss
Aleksandra Hamkalo ... Katia
Marek Solek ... Turkey gangster (uncredited)


Because it's a short list, the good: several of the fight scenes where
quite well done, and it's set in Vegas!! Oh, and Randy Couture is in
this! Um, that's it!!

Now for the bad: this was a terrible story, the whole prison scenario
was unnecessary, and because I really don't like prison movies, that
was a big one!! The ending really didn't make much sense!! And all the
gangster music and talk just doesn't float my boat!! All-in-all,
so far in this set, the worst of the lot!! C-

A review from

Seagal is back...on video. The aikido master returns as Harlan
Banks, a career thief whose attempt to go straight is marred
by a group of baddies who set him up for a 20 million dollar pay
day. When put along the likes of The Foreigner and Submerged,
this will be a breath of fresh air. It is 90 percent Seagal's voice
and he seems to at least have a little fun with it now, I mean
how many chances to you get to see Seagal smile? not nearly
often enough. Now there IS some stock footage but it is blended
pretty well. His double seems to be doing approximately half
of the work while Steven does more then we would think (his
confrontation with the guy in prison was ALL Steven as was his
fight with Couture, however most other scenes feature his
double). Treach is an extremely likable character and seems
above this, gotta respect him for trying at least. To leave you
with a positive quote from the film. "You drive like a
motha' ****** old lady. - mattressman_pdl

Cast of Today You Die:

Steven Seagal ... Harlan Banks
Anthony 'Treach' Criss ... Ice Kool (as Treach)
Sarah Buxton ... Agent Rachel Knowles
Mari Morrow ... Jada
Nick Mancuso ... Agent Saunders
Robert Miano ... Bruno
Kevin Tighe ... Max Stevens
Jamie McShane ... Vincent
Lawrence Turner ... Garret
Brett Rice ... Taggert
Lance Jonathan Mancuso ... Casino Guard (as Lance J. Mancuso)
Chloe Grace Moretz ... St. Thomas Hospital Girl (as Chloe Grace Moretz)
Elayn J. Taylor ... Old Tarot Reader
Hawthorne James ... Derrick
David Frye ... Cop (as David Fryberger)
Morann Peri ... Cop Partner
John P. Gulino ... Marshall (as John Gulino)
Smalls ... Dinky-D
Darren Ting ... Ming Lee
John Wister ... Rusty
Lesley-Anne Down ... Bank Manager
J. Anthony Pena ... Hispanic
Lisa Guerrero ... Reporter
Brian Jay ... Bartender
Jacqueline Weldon ... DEA Agent #1
Rachel Specter ... DEA Agent #2
Simona Williams ... DEA Agent #3 (as Simona Williams)
Oscar Dillon ... Burly Inmate
Eddie Perez ... Mexican #3
Aaron Brumfield ... Ice's Goon #1
Jeff Sanders ... Ice's Goon #2
Rob Roy ... Inmate
Tsuyoshi Abe ... Ming's Gang #1
Steve Upton ... Ming's Gang #2
James Lew ... Ming's Gang #3
Jerry Trimble ... Garret's Gang #1 (as Jerry Trimble Jr)
Dennis Keiffer ... Garret's Gang #2
Karo Parisyan ... Garret's Gang #3
Tim Gilbert ... Garret's Gang #4
Justin Riemer ... Vincent's Bodyguard #2
Troy Brenna ... Vincent's Bodyguard #3 (as Troy R. Brenner)
Gilbert B. Combs ... Casino Guard #1 (as Gil Combs)
Troy Gilbert ... Casino Guard #2
J.J. Perry ... Thug
Erik Betts ... Max's Bodyguard (Bartholomew)
Les Weldon ... Helicopter Pilot
Gelbert Coloma ... Swat #1 (uncredited)
Randy Couture ... Vincent's Bodyguard #1 (uncredited)
Terrence Edwards ... Inmate (uncredited)
Dan Holmes ... Prisoner in Cell Block (uncredited)
Dian Hristov ... Prison Guard (uncredited)
Daniel A. Lopez ... DEA Agent (uncredited)
Tiger Mendez ... Prison Laundry Guard (uncredited)
Rob Roy ... Inmate (uncredited)
Joey Sotello ... Inmate (uncredited)
Henry T. Yamada ... Bash - Ming's Gang (uncredited)


This was much better than I expected from all the reviews that I
read on!! Another espionage tale of terrorism, which
is centered in L.A. and around a small nuke!! Seagal reprises his
role from The Foreigner, but there is no real connection with that
movie, other than a quick flashback!! This is really pretty good,
and better than The Foreigner!!

Another quick back shot of a couple running nude!! B+

A review from

There are two ways to approach this movie: as a Steven
Seagal vehicle, or as just another DTV action film. If you
choose the first way, you'll probably be disappointed. Seagal
is overweight, gives his usual lazy performance, is off-screen
for much of the running time, does only some arm-twisting,
and in his longest (i.e. 20 seconds long) fight scene he is clearly
doubled by an Asian man! But if you take the second way,
"Black Dawn" is actually a decent time-passer. It has a reasonably
slick look, a good score, a car vs. truck chase that wouldn't be
out of place in a higher-budgeted film, and a plot with at least
a semblance of complexity. Best of all, it has Tamara Davies,
who is gorgeous, convincing, and has way more intense action
scenes than Seagal. If I was making the movie, I would have
the climax be a gunfight followed by a fistfight between her
and the hot terrorist chick played by Angela Gots, instead of
the cheesy fake explosion we do get. But that's another
story. (**) - gridoon

Cast of Black Dawn:

Steven Seagal ... Jonathan Cold
Tamara Davies ... Agent Amanda Stuart
John Pyper-Ferguson ... James Donovan
Julian Stone ... Michael Donovan
Nicholas Davidoff ... Nicholi
Roman Varshavsky ... Fedor
Noa Hegesh ... Julia
Warren Derosa ... Sergey
Angela Gots ... Stazi
Don Franklin ... Max Pierson
Timothy Carhart ... Greer
David St. James ... Julius Macabe
Eddie Velez ... Brody
Matt Salinger ... Myshkin (as Matthew Salinger)
Ryan Bollman ... Billy Raduziner
Ric Sarabia ... Desk Clerk
Peter Renaday ... Dr. Richard Turpin
Elizabeth Barondes ... Reporter
J. Anthony Pena ... Guard #1
John P. Gulino ... Jewelry Store Owner (as John Gulino)
Doug Sinclair ... Fat Man / Man in Hotel (as Douglas Sinclair)
Derek Long ... Security Guard
Andrew Stevens ... Guard Harold
Joe Halpin ... Agent Thomas (as Joseph F. Halpin)
Ingrid Sonray ... CIA Agent Baker
Stacey Doss ... Nurse
Dan Badarau ... Aslan Masklov (uncredited)
Erik Betts ... Henchmen #3 (uncredited)
Norm Compton ... Henchmen #4 (uncredited)
Troy Gilbert ... Henchmen #2 (uncredited)
Dennis Keiffer ... Henchman (uncredited)
Paul M. Lane ... Henchmen #1 (uncredited)
Rob Mars ... Holland (uncredited)
Christian Omari ... Frightened Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Nautica Thorn ... Hotel Girl with Lamp (uncredited)


Not sure where the title comes from, but this was a pretty decent
movie! Much better than a couple of these!! Steven becomes a pawn
in a chemical warfare scheme, and in the process, his daughter is
kidnapped!! The rest of the movie is him trying to get her back!!

More nudity in this one! B

A review from

Steven Seagal plays ex-CIA agent Jack Foster, who arrives
at a Romanian airport with his 8 year old daughter Amanda
(played well by Skye Bennett). However the holiday starts badly
as a car bomb goes off. This is a spectacular explosion. Amanda
is kidnapped (or is she?) by Anya (Eva Pope). Eva Pope is very
easy on the eye and handles her role well. It's good to see
Seagal employing a few good actors.

Jack's father-in-law George (Michael Elwyn) has smuggled out
the formula for a bio-warfare chemical that the CIA, the Romanian
mafia and the Romanian cops all want for differing reasons and
everyone suspects that George has used either Jack or Amanda
to smuggle it into the country.

Jack now searches for his daughter. Ambassador Cochran is looking
for her too. Amazingly, Imelda Staunton fitted this rubbish in between
Vera Drake and Harry Potter! Jack is also being chased by former
CIA colleagues including Harry (Vincent Riotta).

There are lots of shootings, fights, torture. Usual stuff. Seagal is
again bloated, slow, has a strange skin colour and mumbles his
dialogue. Having said that, I have seen him worse, which probably
shows I've been watching too many of his films.

Director Michael Keusch uses the 'modern' style of quick cut editing
and shaky camera moves but you get used to it. The script is by Steven
Collins, Joe Halpin and Seagal. It's a bit predictable but this isn't
Shakespeare. It's Seagal. - David Love

Cast of Shadow Man:

Steven Seagal ... Jack Foster
Eva Pope ... Anya
Imelda Staunton ... Ambassador Cochran
Vincent Riotta ... Harry
Michael Elwyn ... George
Skye Bennett ... Amanda Foster
Garrick Hagon ... Waters
Alex Ferns ... Schmitt
Michael Fitzpatrick ... Chambers
Elias Ferkin ... Velos
Levan Uchaneishvili ... Jensen (as Levani Uchaneishvili)
Zoltan Butuc ... Seaka
Emanuel Parvu ... Urick
Vince Leigh ... Roger (as Vincent Leigh)
Werner Daehn ... Cyrell
Laura Grigoriu ... Jack's Secretary
Corina Toader ... Jack's Girlfriend
Gabriel Spahiu ... Male Cab Driver
Titus-Gabriel Patrascu ... Bartender
Luminita Filimon ... Cop #1
Daniel Pasleaga ... Cop #2
Florin Stancu ... Agent #1
Nicolai Stoianov ... Nickoli
Coca Bloos ... Old Lady (as Cornelia Bloos)
Vasile Albinet ... Russian (uncredited)
Vlad Coada ... Hero Lab Worker (uncredited)


Another pretty decent movie about Seagal being a pilot who's no
longer in the military, but seems to be in big trouble somehow as
the movie starts! No explanations on this at all!!! Anyway, he's called
upon to retrieve a stealth plane that's been stolen by one of our own
for a huge amount of money!!

Quite a bit of topless nudity here!! B

A review from

If you can ignore the usual faults with Seagal movies then this
is an OK action flick. In this one Steve is a fighter pilot and the
only man who can recapture s stolen US Stealth aircraft. The
aeroplane action scenes where better than I expected them to
be after reading some of the reviews of this film, and the acting
was I thought OK. There is not so much hand to hand fight scenes
in this film as in other Seagal movies which might disappoint some
Seagal fans,however, we do have a lesbian scene midway through
the film with Steve lurking in the background looking a little like
a seedy voyeur. Steve does tend to mumble his lines at times
so we are not sure what he has said, but still most Seagal fans
should find this a decent movie. - MrOllie

Cast of Flight Of Fury:

Steven Seagal ... John Sands
Steve Toussaint ... Col. Ratcher
Angus MacInnes ... Gen. Tom Barnes
Mark Bazeley ... Capt. Richard Jannick
Ciera Payton ... Jessica
Alki David ... Rojar
Tim Woodward ... Admr. Frank Pendleton
Vincenzo Nicoli ... Peter Stone
Katie Jones ... Eliana Reed
Gary Cooper ... Cmdr. Bud Jackson
Bart Sidles ... Capt. 'Fox' Hinkle (as Barton Sidles)
Cristina Teodorescu ... Pendleton's Operational Soldier Lisa
Rares George Panfil ... Williams
Noah Lee Margetts ... Eliana's Soldier
Karen David ... Barnes's Operational Soldier Flanders
Daniel Rymer ... Detective #1 (as Dan Rymer)
Bryan Jardine ... Detective #2 (as Bryan Wilson Jardine)
Ovi Morariu ... Cop #1 (as Ovidiu Morariu)
Nicolae Constantin Tanase ... Guard #1 (as Nicolae Constantin)
Vasile Albinet ... Rebel Forces (uncredited)
Gabi Burlacu ... Stone's Merc (uncredited)
Ioana Cernescu ... Cop #2 (uncredited)


I don't go in for ganster-type movies, be it from the 40's or the
2000's!!! That being said, I didn't care for this one either!!

A bit more nudity here! C

A review from

Without a shadow of a doubt, Seagal's best film since Fire
Down Below. Exit Wounds? This is better. A simple story
which is held together solidly. Forget all the recent awful
straight-to-DVD releases like Flight of Fury and Submerged...this
is a real quality action flick which deserves to be among Steve's
best. Seriously, this is of the quality of his Warner Brothers
films. A really enjoyable kickass film.

NO DUBBING! Seagal says all his own lines! STUNT DOUBLE
ON THE SIDELINE! Seagal gives out some of his best kickings
in years! Eddie Griffin is also great as the f-word machine Armand
Tucker. He has some really funny lines which will have you laughing
out loud. He's right up there with Travis Dane, Commander Krill
and Screwface in the Seagal baddie stakes.

The supporting cast in general is good. Amazing gun-totting car
chases. I the only one who can hear a sample of Nana's
'Lonely' during the score soundtrack? £9.99 well spent. - melon_hands

Cast of Urban Justice:

Steven Seagal ... Simon Ballister
Eddie Griffin ... Armand Tucker
Carmen Serano ... Alice Park
Cory Hart ... Max Ballister
Liezl Carstens ... Linda
Kirk B.R. Woller ... Det. Frank Shaw
Mary Evans ... Irene
Al Staggs ... Priest
Jade Yorker ... Gary Morrison
Jermaine Washington ... Rasheed
Brian Neal Lucero ... Benny (as Brian Lucero)
Danny Trejo ... El Chivo
Diego Joaquin Lopez ... Winston (as Diego Lopez)
Grady McCardell ... Dwight Morris
Brett Brock ... Watch Sergeant
Mike Seal ... Jack
Trantario Jones ... Isaiah Morrison (as Trantario 'TJ' Jones)
Suzanne Michaels ... News Person
John P. Gulino ... Police Chief (as John Gulino)
Josh Berry ... Detective Brown
Mikki Padilla ... Chivo's Girlfriend
Sam Pleasant ... Reggie B (as Samson Pleasant)
Janet Cho ... Chivo's Girlfriend #1
David F. Hughes ... J.D.
Jesus Jr. ... Jesus (as Jesus Payan)
Norm Compton ... Guero (as Norman Compton)
Thomas Wilson Brown ... Marcos
Binh Dang ... Delivery Man
Mark Garcia ... Policeman
Chris Ranney ... Press Patron
Jon Reigle ... Junkie
Evan Adrian ... Basketball player (uncredited)
Dave Colon ... Police Detective (uncredited)
Diego Deane ... LAPD Officer (uncredited)
Chaz Grundy ... Funeral Attendee (uncredited)
Ronald Robert Hamilton ... Policeman (uncredited)
Cynthia Marie Hruschka ... FBI Agent (uncredited)
Kirby Kleeberg ... DEA Agent (uncredited)
Daniel Knight ... Detective (uncredited)
Paul Daniel McGowen ... Motorcycle Cop (uncredited)
Daniel Thomas Murphy ... Police Officer (uncredited)
Cherlyn Schaefer ... Reporter (uncredited)
Larnell Stovall ... Gang Member #1 (uncredited)
Kim Thrasher ... Reporter (uncredited)
Barry Tolli ... Detective Van Pelt (uncredited)