Airing Order (Season title: "Sleeping in Light")

No Compromise

The first episode with the new commander, Elizbeth Lochley. And an unfriendly visitor at Sheridan's inauguration!

The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari?

Before his assention to Centauri Emperor, Londo has a very disturbing dream about his treatment of the Narns!

The Paragon of Virtues

There is much resistance to the new treaty with the Alliance. Sheridan goes to great lengths to bring in the groups refusing to sign!

A View From the Gallery

A view from the blue collar workers Mack and Bo on the goings on with the command during an alien attack.

Learning Curve

A station crimelord and a Ranger cadet butt heads, while Garibaldi's suspicions about Lochley grow!

Strange Relations

Sooooo, apparently Sheridan and Lochley had a romantic interlude! Meanwhile Bester gets bested and Londo gets a new bodyguard!

Secrets of the Soul

Secrets long hidden are reviled through the efforts of the Doctor and Byron.

Day of the Dead

Command have encounters with dead friends and relatives, and the comedy duo of Rebo and Zooty(Penn & Teller!) make a visit!.

In the Kingdom of the Blind

Londo has a brush with death, and telepaths blackmail an Alliance leader for a homeworld they can populate!

A Tragedy of Telepaths

There are telepaths in the Brown Sector trying to avoid security by non-violence but there are some for whom the peaceful resolve is waning.

Phoenix Rising

Bester interferes with the station's handling of the telepaths' revolt, leading to dire consequences!

The Ragged Edge

G'Kar's diary gets published, bringing him to demigod status with the Narns! And someone's making it look like Centauri are attacking Alliance ships!

The Corps Is Mother, the Corps Is Father

A deeper look into the workings of the Psi Corps.

Meditations on the Abyss

Lennier is sent on a secret mission to find out who's behind the attacks on the Alliance ships.

Darkness Ascending

Lennier disobeys orders, trying to get proof of the Mimbari's involvement in the attacks on the Alliance ships.

And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder

The war begins!

Movements of Fire and Shadows

Drazi and Narn militants try to thwart unification efforts, while Londo experiences a perhaps life changing encounter.

The Fall of Centauri Prime

Delenn and Lennier are on a disabled ship, while Londo is inhabited by a Keeper.

The Wheel of Fire

Delenn learns she is pregnant, and G'Kar, Garibaldi and Lyta contemplate their futures!

Objects In Motion

J'Kar and Lyta set out for new worlds(Leading to the new series The Crusade), and Garibaldi and his new love head to Mars!

Objects At Rest

Sheridan and Delenn head for Minbar, even though Lennier and Mollari are causing trouble.

Sleeping In Light

Series Finale: A farewell meeting of the principals on the de-commissioned Babylon 5!

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