The Gathering!

The first movie (pilot for the series) and introduction
to the world of Babylon 5!

This movie introduces us to most of the main players in
the Babylon 5 universe, with a couple of noted exceptions:
John Sheridan, Susan Ivanova, and Dr. Steven Franklin.

"I was there at the dawn of the third age of mankind!" With
that declaration we are drawn into the Bab5 world! The year
is 2257, and we first meet Londo Mollari, the Centaurian
ambassador to Babylon 5, and the story of the beginning of
the "last of the Babylon stations". He tells of the story
of how the stations crew and ambassadors each join the
station, and the drama of Ambassador Kosh's arrival. One
by one, we meet the characters, the first of course being
Londo. The next member of the enterage we are introduced
to is Lt. Commander Laurel Takashima (her only appearance
in Babylon 5). Next comes Security Chief Michael Garabaldi,
Commander Jeffrey Sinclare, Lyta Alexander (a Licensed PSI),
Ambassador G'Kar from the Narn Homeworld, Dr. Benjamin Kyle
(also his only appearance), Ambassador Delenn from Mimbar,
and finally Ambassador Kosh of Vorlon.

With this introduction starts arguably the greatest Sci-Fi
series to ever grace the air waves!!

A list of the cast

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