Airing Order (Season title: "Sleeping in Light")

No Compromise

The first episode with the new commander, Elizbeth Lochley. And an unfriendly visitor at Sheridan's inauguration!(01/21/1998)

The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari?

Before his assention to Centauri Emperor, Londo has a very disturbing dream about his treatment of the Narns!(01/28/1998)

The Paragon of Virtues

There is much resistance to the new treaty with the Alliance. Sheridan goes to great lengths to bring in the groups refusing to sign!(02/04/1998)

A View From the Gallery

A view from the blue collar workers Mack and Bo on the goings on with the command during an alien attack.(02/11/1998)

Learning Curve

A station crimelord and a Ranger cadet butt heads, while Garibaldi's suspicions about Lochley grow!(02/18/1998)

Strange Relations

Sooooo, apparently Sheridan and Lochley had a romantic interlude! Meanwhile Bester gets bested and Londo gets a new bodyguard!(02/25/1998)

Secrets of the Soul

Secrets long hidden are reviled through the efforts of the Doctor and Byron.(03/04/1998)

Day of the Dead

Command have encounters with dead friends and relatives, and the comedy duo of Rebo and Zooty(Penn & Teller!) make a visit!(03/11/1998)

In the Kingdom of the Blind

Londo has a brush with death, and telepaths blackmail an Alliance leader for a homeworld they can populate!(03/18/1998)

A Tragedy of Telepaths

There are telepaths in the Brown Sector trying to avoid security by non-violence but there are some for whom the peaceful resolve is waning.(03/25/1998)

Phoenix Rising

Bester interferes with the station's handling of the telepaths' revolt, leading to dire consequences!(04/01/1998)

The Ragged Edge

G'Kar's diary gets published, bringing him to demigod status with the Narns! And someone's making it look like Centauri are attacking Alliance ships!(04/08/1998)

The Corps Is Mother, the Corps Is Father

A deeper look into the workings of the Psi Corps.(04/15/1998)

Meditations on the Abyss

Lennier is sent on a secret mission to find out who's behind the attacks on the Alliance ships.(04/27/1998)

Darkness Ascending

Lennier disobeys orders, trying to get proof of the Mimbari's involvement in the attacks on the Alliance ships.(05/03/1998)

And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder

The war begins!(05/10/1998)

Movements of Fire and Shadows

Drazi and Narn militants try to thwart unification efforts, while Londo experiences a perhaps life changing encounter.(05/17/1998)

The Fall of Centauri Prime

Delenn and Lennier are on a disabled ship, while Londo is inhabited by a Keeper.(05/28/1998)

The Wheel of Fire

Delenn learns she is pregnant, and G'Kar, Garibaldi and Lyta contemplate their futures!(11/04/1998)

Objects In Motion

J'Kar and Lyta set out for new worlds(Leading to the new series The Crusade), and Garibaldi and his new love head to Mars!(11/11/1998)

Objects At Rest

Sheridan and Delenn head for Minbar, even though Lennier and Mollari are causing trouble.(11/18/1998)

Sleeping In Light

Series Finale: A farewell meeting of the principals on the de-commissioned Babylon 5!(11/25/1998)

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